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Measuring success: Set training goals

3spin Learning offers you a very easy-to-use mechanism for measuring success: A scene counts as successful if all the goals defined in it have been achieved.

These goals are simply Triggers, which are marked as Objectives.

The completion of all objectives of a scene automatically triggers the system trigger When All Completed, to which you can attach any Actions - just like to normal Triggers.

Defining goals for a training

You can mark any number of triggers as training Objectives for each scene. Only when all triggers of a scene marked as objectives have been executed during training, the scene is considered to have been completed successfully.

Select the Objective checkbox under the trigger in the side panel. This adds the trigger to the training objectives of the current scene.


Manage training goals

Click the top entry in a scene's content list, called Objectives:


You will now see a list of all triggers marked as Objective in this scene in the side panel.

Here you can specify whether the objectives are to be completed freely or in linear order (and sort the list accordingly).

When all the objectives of a scene have been completed, you can specify one or more actions that will be executed as a result, using the When All Completed trigger.