Actions Basics

Actions are system commands that - triggered by triggers - can initiate processes or change the state of objects.


Actions are assigned to triggers and executed in an ongoing training by triggering the triggers. Thus, they are the second pillar of interactivity in 3spin Learning.

You can assign as many actions as you like to a trigger and thus form action stacks. With the execution mode for action stacks you can define in which way the action stack is processed.

You can change the order of actions in an action stack simply by dragging and dropping, pressing the mouse button on an action, dragging the action to the gap between two other actions of the same stack, and releasing the mouse there.

3spin Learning provides the following actions for you:



Actions for controlling training objects (Assets/Hotspots/Modules)

Activate Module

Activate Module is an action that sets a module to its activated state.

Deactivate Module is an action that sets a module to its deactivated state.

Hide Asset Hide Asset is an action that hides a training object in the current scene.

Invoke Trigger is an action that invokes a trigger of any object.

Play Sound is is an action that plays a sound asset.

Show Asset Show Asset is an action that shows a training object in the current scene.

Show Image is an action that hotspots a specified image asset in the current training scene.

Show Text  is an action that lets a hotspot display a free text with caption in the current training scene.

Show Video is an action that lets a hotspot display a specified video asset in the current training scene.

Actions for the Helper Companion

Appear at Position Appear at Position is an action that makes the Helper Companion appear at a previously created waypoint.

Change Glow is an action that temporarily changes the color of the aura of the Helper Companion.

Invoke Reaction is an action that triggers a previously defined reaction of the Helper Companion.

Show Expression is an action that makes the Helper Companion show a mimic expression.


Speak is an action that lets the Helper Companion play an audio asset.

Other Actions

Condition is an action that checks a condition and calls further actions depending on the check result.

Fade is an action that can be used to fade out the current training scene to black or fade in from black.

Feedback is an action that gives a user positive (Success) or negative (Fail) audiovisual feedback.

Wait is an action that inserts a pause (freely adjustable length) before the execution of the next action.

Actions to control the Trainings

Change Scene is an action that changes to another scene within a Training.

Exit Training is an action that ends the current training.

Learning Record is an action that records the learning progress of a learner in the 3spin Learning database.

Reset World Anchor is an action that can be used to reset a course in real space.

Restart Training is an action that restarts the current training.

Working with Actions

Add action

Click Add Action in the side panel under the trigger to which you want to assign the action.


Select the desired action from the dropdown - it will be assigned to the trigger.


Once you have assigned more than one action to a trigger, you can select the desired execution mode for the actions of this trigger via dropdown in the side panel (directly below the trigger name).



Edit properties

Go to the action in the side panel.


In the dropdown you can set the type of action. In the area below you adjust the specific settings of the selected action.

Remove action

Select the action to be removed under its trigger in the side panel and click the X. The action will be removed.