Keypress is a trigger especially for the Input Module and Universal Module. It triggers when a keypress is performed on a connected keyboard.


Icon-Trigger-KeypressUse the Keypress trigger if you want to trigger actions or remotely control a training via a connected keyboard.

You can assign this trigger to a module several times in order to be able to react to different keyboard inputs in only one object.

It is available for the Input Module and Universal Module.

Working with the Trigger Keypress

Add Trigger Keypress

Open the Trigger Hover Panel by clicking + Add Trigger in the Side Panel of a selected object.


The Hover Panel appears on the right edge of the window in front of the Side Panel.

Click Keypress to attach the trigger to the selected training object.


Assigning or changing key assignments

To assign a key to the trigger Keypress, click in the Key field and then press any key on the keyboard. Likewise, you can change assigned keys by clicking again in the filled 'Key' field and then pressing any new key on the keyboard.


Supported Keys

  • A – Z (not case sensitiv)
  • 0 – 9 
  • # + - , . 
  • Space
  • Enter