Install 3spin Learning on VIVE Focus 3

Installing the 3spin Learning app on the VIVE Focus 3

  1. Click on this store link to open the 3spin Learning app on the VIVE website in your browser.
  2. Make sure you are logged in with the VIVE account and then click on Get.
    VIVE Store - 3spin Download
  3. For users: Please contact your administrator to activate the app for your device. After approval, go directly to step 9.
    For DMS administrators: Continue with step 4.
  4. Go to your VIVE Business Device Management System.
    DMS MyLibrary 3spin Learning
  5. The app can now be found in the My Library area and also under Manage Content > Licensed Content
    DMS Licensed 3spin Learning
  6. From there, the app can now be distributed to the devices or users.
  7. Click on 3spin Learning in the list and select Assign Content.
  8. Enter the names of the users to whom the content should be assigned and then click on Assign.
    Note: Only users who have been added in the VIVE Business Device Management System can be assigned content. To learn how to add users, see
    Adding new users.
  9. Start your VIVE Focus 3, click on Library and start 3spin Learning.

Available versions for manual installation