Environment - 360° Image

Environment - 360° Image is an asset consisting of an equirectangular 360° image that can be used as a customized environment in trainings.


PRD_Platzhalter-360-ImageVR and 360° trainings need an environment so that they do not take place in empty space.

The 360° Image asset environment is one of the three possible environments you can use in 3spin Learning (the others are Enivronment - 360 Video and Environment - 3D).


Technical information

File format: JPG, high quality or PNG


  • minimum 4K = 4096x2048px
  • maximum 5.7K = 5760x2880px
(Note: equirectangular images always have a 2:1 aspect ratio, since 360° in width and 180° in height are mapped)


Working with the Environment 360° Image Asset

The following functions are available for working with the 3D Model asset.

Edit properties of an Environment 360° Image Asset

Select the object in the scene column.

In the side panel, edit the properties of the object.