Create and manage users

Get an overview of existing users and add new users

User interface in the Users area

In the Users section you will find:

  • The Add New User function for adding new user accounts
  • A list of already existing users
usermanagement_overviewWMS area users

User roles and their rights

In 3spin Learning there are different user roles that can be assigned to a specific user account:

  Learner Limited Author Author Admin
Get assigned training
Execute training
Create training
Edit training ✅ only own and assigned
Duplicate training ✅ only own and assigned
Delete training ✅ only own and assigned
See all training
Assign training ✅ only own and assigned
Create user
Edit users
Delete assets

Create user

Click Add new User.


In the following form, select the role of the new user and fill in all the fields.

A registration email will be automatically send to the new user.
Complete the process by clicking Create.


The new user will immediately receive the following mail:


After clicking Send Password link they will receive the mail to set a password.

Through the link in this mail, they will be directed to the actual form to create a password.


Here they enter their password (at least 8 characters) and finish the process with clicking Save.