Version 2023.2

What's new in 3spin Learning version 2023.2

New Features

  • Text To Speech Feature to simply create a soundfile or let the Helper Companion speak
    • Create a Text To Speech Soundfile by typing in your text
    • Choose between a female or male voice
    • English, French and German language are supported
    • Preview and listen to the generated soundfile before creating the asset
    • Use Text To Speech in existing actions like Play Sound or Helper – Speak and create new voice overs while authoring
  • New Addition for Helper Companion
    • With the new Feature Follow User the Helper Companion appears always on your site. No previously configured waypoints needed.
    • Use the action Helper – Appear At Position to send the Helper Companion to a waypoint or to follow the user again
    • In a network session, every learner will see their own Helper Companion in their field of view
  • Seamless integration in external Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • xAPI compatible
    • You can integrate and launch a VR / AR learning unit in your LMS
    • Learners start their VR/AR experience through a landing page that includes all the needed information
    • All Learning Records are xAPI conform and synchronized to your Learning Record Store
  • Guided Onboarding Tours to easily access 3spin Learning. Users can learn how to create a VR learning unit at their own pace.
  • Create new assets while authoring
    • From now on assets can be uploaded directly in your authoring session
  • You can add Trigger to environments like an 3D environment, 360° image or 360° video
    • Use the trigger When Activate to trigger actions when an environment gets visible
    • Use the trigger When Deactivate to trigger actions when an environment gets hidden
    • Use the trigger Cue to trigger actions when this cue has been invoked through an action


  • Easier process for archiving and restoring assets
  • New categories in our Hover Panel
    • Find modules, special objects and your assets in the new tab All
    • Filter your own assets in the tab My Library
  • Possibility to reload help articles in the app when an error occurs
  • We implemented a snackbar message that appears when a sound asset can't be played due to an error


  • The Input Module has been revised, use the Universal Module instead
  • Modules Intro Overlay and Outro Overlay have been revised and summarized. Use from now on the generic Overlay 
    • Use all content types in the generic Overlay

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Helper Companion did not work properly for an observer in a network session
  • Fixed an issue where input fields did not render an outline when not being active
  • Fixed an issue where overlays did not show the first content when opened another time
  • Fixed an issue where the portal did not show the first page of a list when switching tabs
  • Fixed pasting of scene objects when Objectives are selected
  • Fixed replacement of Hotspot/Transparent Shape when they were part of a group

Coming Soon

  • 3D Marketplace (Sketchfab) Inclusion
  • Web Application