Version 2023.1

What's new in 3spin Learning version 2023.1

New Features

  • Official support for Meta Quest Pro and Pico 4 
  • New Domain for your server URL: is now
  • Ready Player Me Avatars for more immersive multi-user sessions
    • Configure your own Ready Player Me avatar directly in the WMS and attach it to your user
    • You can change your Ready Player Me Avatar at any time 
    • Your avatar is visible to all other users in a multi-user session
    • When you speak, the Ready Player Me Avatar moves its lips in sync with your words
  • More possibilities in Multi Active Learner sessions
    • The Click and Gaze triggers with all their configured actions can be used simultaneously by all learners 
  • A new Free Library section is added to the asset library
    • Find free 3D environments (such as offices, hotel lobbies) and 3D objects (e.g. tools and furniture) and easily use them for your training 
  • Use and control animations in 3D Objects
    • With the new action Play 3D Animation you can start an animation, which is configured in a GLTF 3D file
    • The animation will play once and then stop at the configured end frame
  • New asset preview in WMS for 360° images and 3D (GLTF) files
    • Open 360° Image previews with view controls 
    • Open a 3D preview in your browser, turn it around, and zoom in / zoom out
    • See a list of all included 3D layers and copy/paste a specific layer name
    • See a list of all included 3D animations and copy/paste a specific animation name
  • Use the Behaviour Teleportable also on 3D Environments and 3D Asset. Change the running state with the action Change Behaviour

  • Use the Behaviour Collidable also on 3D Environments and 3D Asset. Change the running state with the action Change Behaviour


  • Delete user
    • All users can now delete their own account 
    • Team admins can delete users in their team
  • Unit history now shows the name of the author in addition to the time of change
  • A crown above the user´s name tag indicates the active learner status in multi-user sessions 
  • A progress bar shows the progress of an asset upload
  • Added support for box- and sphere colliders inside GLTF assets
  • Improved performance in WMS, especially when loading long content lists (e.g. asset library)
  • Responsive design in WMS for better use on small displays (recommended minimum resolution: 1440 x 720)
  • Updated password requirements. Passwords must have at least 8 characters, and contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Added support for copy/paste of the visibility state on scene objects
  • Auto-fill titles during asset upload 


  • We are ending the official support for the use of asset bundles in one of our next releases. We recommend using GLTF 3D files instead
  • Unit Details can be changed only in edit mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed audio chat in a network session on HoloLens
  • Fixed an issue where 3D environments received big automated colliders if none were configured. Now environment gets a default collider to ensure interaction with the user interface.
  • Fixed an issue where a "play sound" action cancels its action list if an error occurred while loading or playing the sound file
  • Fixed an issue where "play sound" actions that did not run to completion on deactivated objects resumed playing when returning from device standby
  • Fixed saving of assets not updating the preview image
  • Fixed several issues that caused problems in network sessions and improved networking overall

Coming Soon

  • Easier use of our Helper Companion
  • xAPI support for extern LMS and Learning Record Stores
  • Text to Speech