Version 2022.2

What's new in 3spin Learning version 2022.2

New Features

  • Renaming: 3spin DREAM is now 3spin Learning
  • glTF / GLB 3D file format supported

    • Simply import 3D assets in GLB file format
    • GLB is the binary file format representation of 3D models saved in the GL Transmission Format (glTF)
  • New system Courses and Units replaces older training structures
    • We have fundamentally revised our training structure
    • A course consists of one or more learning units. Units can be used in any number of courses. This simplifies the creation and maintenance of duplicate content (e.g. for tutorials)
    • Existing training are migrated to the new courses and units structure
  • New draft system
    • Now you can continue to work on released units, without the learners already noticing the changes
    • Labels will show you the unit states
  • New help functions and guided tours in the 3spin Learning app and the WMS
    • You can always access help articles and get small tutorials on individual functions and features
  • New behavior Collidable on 3D objects
    • Set Collidable to choose if a 3D object collides with other objects even if the 3D object has no physics


  • Added a modal to confirm exiting a learning unit, so you can prevent exiting accidentally 
  • You can add tags to the objects Hotspot and Transparent Shape, so you can use them for the triggers Enter and Leave
  • Improved feedback when a 3D model could not be loaded
  • New AssetBundle Exporter unity package
  • Action Wait now supports two decimal places


  • Course and unit descriptions are mandatory
  • Changed user assignment
    • Enroll users for learning to a course 
    • Assign users with the role Limited Unit Author to units to grant editing rights
  • The new 3spin Learning app (2022.2) is compatible with the old WMS version (2022.1)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a learning unit and its objects were not properly reset when using the action Restart Unit (formerly known as Restart Training)
  • Fixed several issues that caused problems in network sessions and improved networking overall