A tag is an identifier element used to reference an asset in a training course.


Tags function like labels: they add identifiers to objects, which can be used to identify and control an object during the execution of a training.

This is how interaction between objects is implemented in 3spin Learning:

  • Add one or more tags to one or more objects.
  • Assign the Enter or Leave trigger to (another) object.
  • Finally, assign one or more tags to the Enter / Leave trigger.

The triggers use the tags to identify objects. When an appropriately tagged object approaches an object with the Enter trigger, it triggers, and you can respond to the objects' approach with any action. As a counterpart to the Enter trigger, you can use Leave to react to objects moving away from each other.

Use this mechanic e.g. for training tasks in which a learner has to place an object at a certain position - or has to move to a certain position himself. This is because the user is also an "object" in the current training, which is automatically tagged User. Conversely, you can also determine whether, for example, the user has picked up an object or moved away from another object.

Working with tags

Add tag

Click in the input field under the Tags heading. Enter the desired name for the tag. As soon as you start typing, the tags that already exist in the training are displayed in gray. You can assign a tag that already exists by clicking on it.

Tags that are already assigned appear in blue.


Remove tag

In the side panel, in the list of tags, click the X next to the name of the tag you want to delete - the tag will be removed directly.