Sound is an asset that consists of a sound file and can be used as an individually created object in trainings.


You have several options for using sounds in your workouts:

Sound as its own scene object

Like all other objects, you can also add a sound asset to a training scene via Add object.

In this case, you can use a checkbox to decide whether the sound should play directly when the scene is loaded. If you want it to play later, leave the Play when Scene Loaded checkbox off and activate the sound later with the Action Show Asset.


We recommend this method only for ambient sounds, i.e. soundscapes of the training scene.

Playing sound via action

You can also play sound without having it as an (invisible) object in the scene:

Since sounds are mostly used to respond to an interaction, you can also attach the Play Sound action to the trigger of the corresponding interaction. With this action, you can reference a sound from the asset list without having to add it to the scene.


We recommend this method for all sounds that are not the soundscape of a scene.


Technical information

File format: WAV, MP3 or AAC
Sampling rate (recommended): 44kHz


Working with the Sound Asset

The following functions are available for working with the Sound Asset.

Edit properties of an Sound Asset

Select the object in the scene column.

In the side panel, edit the properties of the object.