Reset World Anchor

Reset World Anchor is an action that can be used to re-anchor a training in real space.


This action is applicable for Trainings with the option Spatial Positioning.


The action resets the "World Anchor" during the training, i.e. the virtual space of the training is anchored in the real space with the current position and orientation of the user.

It does exactly the same thing as the Set world anchor function in the 3spin Learning app - but by remote control.


For a detailed explanation of Spatial Positioning and the World Anchor, see the Trainings, Users and Positions in Space page.

Working with the Reset World Anchor Action

Add Reset World Anchor Action

In the side panel, click Add Action under the trigger to which you want to assign the action.


From the dropdown...

addAction_0000_resetWorld the Reset World Anchor action.

Edit properties

This action has no adjustable properties.