Play Sound

Play Sound is an action that plays a sound asset.


Use the Play Sound Action to play a sound directly from the asset list. When you use this Action, you do not need to add the sound as a Scene Object. This Action is especially useful for effect sounds or voice overlays.

If there are other Actions after the Play Sound Action and the Actions are processed one after the other, the next Action waits until the sound has finished playing.

If - while the sound is still running - another Play Sound Action is called - this sound stops and the other one plays. It is not possible to play multiple sounds at the same time with this Action.

This is different with Sound Assets that you have placed as Training Objects: several of these can play at the same time, even in parallel with a sound started with the Play Sound Action.

Use this action for effect sounds or VoiceOvers, or sounds that wait for the end of the sound before executing further actions.

For atmospheric background sounds, you should place a sound asset as a training object.

Working with the Play Sound action

Adding a Play Sound Action

In the Side Panel, click Add Action under the trigger to which you want to assign the action.


From the dropdown ...

play-sound the Play Sound Action.

Edit properties

In the side panel, go to the action you are looking for.

Click the Add Asset button to select the image to display.


In the list of Assets, locate the sound you want and click it.


The asset list disappears and the sound is now assigned to the action.