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Navigation and interaction in a training

Learn how to interact with training contents in your HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, or Microsoft Hololens

Of course, in 3spin Learning you will also find the usual basic interaction like walking around or looking around.

In addition, the following interactions are possible in the app:

Oculus Quest / HTC Vive
Microsoft Hololens
Show / Hide App Panel  

Quest: Press B key
Vive: Press the Menu key


Look at the open palm and tap the Menu button



Select an object from a menu

Click a hotspot

Aim with the controller and pull the trigger

Bestätigung-Auswählen vive-quest

Aim with your gaze and AirTap

Grab Take a movable object and place it in a different location

Go to the object with the controller (as if you wanted to pick it up), press grip, and move the object


AirTapHold on the object


Teleport Move through the room without walking

Press thumbstick, aim with controller, release thumbstick

(not available)