Environment - 360° Video

Environment - 360° Video is an asset consisting of an equirectangular 360° video that can be used as a customized environment in trainings.


PRD_Platzhalter-VideoVR and 360° Trainings need an Environment so that they do not take place in empty space.

The Environment - 360° Video asset is one of the three possible environments you can use in 3spin Learning (the others are Environment - 360 Image and Environment - 3D).


Technical information

File format: mp4
Resolution: 4K / HD (3840x1920 or 4096x2048) - maximum 5.7
Video codec: H.264 & H.265
Data rate: 15 - 35 mbits
Audio codec: AAC, PCM

For normally placed (360°) videos in the room, 4K is quite sufficient, as this roughly corresponds to the tech resolution of the headsets. Higher resolutions can also work, but at your own risk without warranty.


Working with the Environment - 360° Video asset

The following functions are available for working with the Environment - 360° Video asset.

Editing the properties of the Environment - 360° Video asset

Select the object in the scene column.

Edit the properties of the object in the side panel.